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Weather Station Status

This page shows the current status of the weather software used in the operation of this website.

This website uses Virtual Weather Station (V14.01) for weather conditions reporting.

Component Status Age
Latest update time as of
Sun, 16-Jun-2024 7:21pm PDT
Virtual Weather Station realtime NOT Current unknown > 0:00:15
file not found
Virtual Weather Station realtime 2 NOT Current unknown > 0:01:15
file not found
Virtual Weather Station FTP NOT Current 10093:34:00 > 0:05:15
Sun, 23-Apr-2023 5:47am PDT
Virtual Weather Station weather data NOT Current 117346:25:06 > 0:05:15
Thu, 27-Jan-2011 7:56am PST
Note: script(s) not current and need update(s):
ajax-dashboard.php V1.33 - 2023-02-07 Need update to V1.34 - 2023-04-03
check-fetch-times.php V1.51 - 2023-02-17 Need update to V1.56 - 2024-03-16
DualImage.php File not installed
get-metar-conditions-inc.php V1.20 - 2022-12-27 Need update to V1.22 - 2024-03-08
include-metar-display.php V1.07 - 2022-12-27 Need update to V1.08 - 2024-03-08
nws-alerts-details-inc.php V1.08 - 2022-12-27 Need update to V1.09 - 2024-04-01
nws-alerts.php V1.43 - 2019-05-14 Need update to V2.00 - 2024-01-30
nws-all-zones-inc.php V1.01 - 2019-11-08 Need update to V1.04 - 2024-03-05
USA-regional-maps-inc.php V1.04 - 2022-09-08 Need update to V1.05 - 2023-12-11
wxforecast.php V1.07 - 2023-02-09 Need update to V1.09 - 2023-05-18
wxnwsradar-iframe.php V2.02 - 2022-09-08 Need update to V2.03 - 2024-02-15
wxnwsradar-inc.php V2.02 - 2022-09-08 Need update to V2.03 - 2024-02-15
wxnwsradar.php V2.02 - 2022-09-08 Need update to V2.03 - 2024-02-15
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