Barking spider Observatory


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tabs-3Aquisition table

Telescope Takahashi FSQ-106EDX III f/5.0 (530 mm focal length) captured at 2.1 arcsec/pixel
Mount Celestron CGEM modified with HyperTuning and Telescope Drive Master
Camera SBIG STT-8300/AO-8T cooled to -35 C with a self-guiding FW8G-STT filter wheel (Baader 7nm Hα filter, 8nm OIII, and 8.5nm SII)
Acquisition Dates 6/29/2014 to 10/11/2014 at the Barking Spider Observatory
  • Hα 60 min. (3 x 20 min, bin 1x1)
  • SII 60 min. (3 x 20 min, bin 1x1)
    OIII 60 min. (3 x 20 min, bin 1x1)
Software Image acquisition and guiding on a Macintosh Airbook using Equinox Image. Image processing (calibration and registration) was performed using Pixinsight. Segment merging and the RGB image was created using Pixinsight following tutorials by Kayron Mercieca with the narrowband data blended as follows: R = SII + (0.8*Hα), G = (0.075*Hα) + OIII and B = OIII.

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