Bridger Wilderness (Washakie Creek), Wyoming - Auguest 11 to 15, 2015

Too many of us follow endless trails. Unless a trail leads us somewhere and ends, it is but a circle Finis Mitchell, 1901-1995

Need to add

Big Sandy Lodge. Great food, great cabins

Brian and Ted up ahead, Eric to left

Meeks Lake

The beginning of Fish Creek Park

Campsite and Cirque, Dads Lake

Marms Lake

North end Marms lake

After Marms Lake, over the near ridge is basecamp

Looking back on Marms lake

Below campsite

View from Basecamp Washakie

Basecamp Washakie

The view out my tent

Colorful lichens

Sunset at Base Camp Washakie

We saw a rainbow formed in some clouds. You can't really see the colors in the picture, but some are there

Flowers at Basecamp Washakie

Shadow Lake

Billys Lake

Buddies Lake

Bob and Jim at Billys Lake

Barren Lake

A view of Texas Pass and Texas Lake

Being mooned (sorry a bit overexposed)

Basecamp Washakie

On the way to Maes Lake

A group of 15 people and 10 llamas

Skull Lake

Maes Lake

More scenery

More scenery

Pond near Maes Lake

They are called The Rockies

The start of the hike with Washakie Creek on the right

On the hike out, a view of Washakie Creek

Brian viewing

East Fork

Looking up East Fork

East Fork

Our final campsite