Bridger Wilderness (Pole Creek), Wyoming - August 5 to 10 2007

"Throughout this century I have roamed this wilderness, communing with nature, observing other creatures along with myself, merely desiring to live and let live. Because of this aloneness, I've learned to love, not only those of my own kind, but all life within a wilderness; the birds, the beasts, the trees, the flowers, and the grasses of the land. Only in wilderness, it seems, is man’s love so thoroughly and completely returned, so unselfishly shared" Finis Mitchell, 1901-1995

Our base camp was at Pole Creek Lakes, we also spent a night at Mary's Lake for the hike in and the hike day Jim, bmp, and I day hiked around the Cook Lakes area.

I picked up brain at SLC and we rendezvoused with Ted and Jim in Pinedale i remember a day hike on the second day across the river down the trail further, but didnt do the first day day hike.

i remember nothing from this hike except having the shits.

Planning our route at Elkhart Park

Brian examining nature at Marys Lake, our first campsite

Our first campsite at Marys Lake

Setting up base camp at Pole Creek Lakes

Setting up base camp part II

Base camp Pole Creek

Brian chillaxin

Ted scoping the scene out

Nothing escapes his attentive eye

On the Highline Trail to Chain Lakes

Brian deflating the pink chair

Base camp

Ted and Jim taking a break

Pole Creek Lake at base camp

Another image of the Pole Creek Lake at base camp in the afternoon

Chain Lake

Small lake long Pole Creek Trail to Marys Lake

Getting near Marys Lake campsite on the hike out

Another nice lake

Marys Lake

Eklund Lake

Lake at second night campsite

You can't go wrong with Jiffy Pop™

Mary Lake campsite

Jim and Ted on the trail out, near Eklund Lake

The view off Photographers Point