Cloud Peak Wilderness, Wyoming - August 16 to 19 Y2K

This trip to the Bighorns occurred Aug 11th to Aug 18th, 2000. Participants were Ted, Brian, Jim, Shinhan, and myself. We went to the Cloud Peak Wilderness and spent a few nights at Lake Marion. Our basecamp was overrun with chipmunks and weasels. Ted, Brian, and ShinHan conquered Cloud Peak (elv. 13,126 ft). Another day all of us did a short day hike to Gunboat Lake, reconnoitered across a rocky pass, with rocks ranging in size from grapefruits to volkswagens, to a lovely subalpine lake. After lunch, we hiked to the tip of Lake Helen and then back to Base Camp Weasel

The boys at trailhead

Tensleep lake looking north

Jim hiking in on the Mistymoon Trail

The south end of Lake Marion

Mistymoon Lake from south shore after Brianís wrong turn on the climb to Cloud Peak

Rock abstract on the ascent leg of Cloud Peak

Moss on the ascent of Cloud Pk

Parry Primrose on the ascent of Cloud Pk

About 1/3 the way up Cloud Pk looking back. Lake Helen is way off in the distance

Ted about ½ way up Cloud Pk

On the Ridge looking north into basin. False summit of Cloud Pk to the far right

Looking into the basin to the north of the ridge. Taken from the "gangplank"

View looking east and down from Cloud Peak summit. The bottom of the photo shows the edge of 1000+ foot dropoff. Glacier Lake in the picture.

Long view to the east. Brian laid on his stomach and took the bottom of the shot pointing straight down the dropoff. Glacier Lake again.

Summit photo. Summit cairn to Brian's left

On the descent. The western dropoff of Cloud Peak is on the right. View to the north

Jim and Shinhan at the base of the Big Valley

Bo and Shinhan just about at Gunboat Lake

and then.. at Gunboat Lake

Ted boulders at Gunboat Lake

The one that always got away. Jim for scale.

Ted sans pack in the Big Valley

Jim lounging on Lake Helen

Fireweed at Lake Helen lunch stop

In the notch west of Gunboat Lk. Shinhan is in this photo

Ted, the boulderin’ fiend. Still in the notch

Same boulder, different route

Is that a skinnydippin’ Sasquatch in the photo?!

The water of Lake Helen

Bo in the Big Valley

Indian paintbrush (Lake Helen)

Indian paintbrush near the shore of Lake Helen

Several photos of the unknown aquatic plant

Unknown aquatic plant II

Unknown aquatic plant III

Back near tundra. Nice clear water about ½ way down from Cloud Peakk

More grassy tundra a bit lower. Brian, Ted, and Shinhan have just met Jim on the descent from Cloud Peak

Resting with Jim, Brian got a picture of a Pika on the rock slab just above the grass (just a little left of dead center)

More grassy tundra at same rest spot

Cool rock seen during the descent from Cloud Peak

Jim heading down from Cloud Peak

The big valley

Looking back toward Cloud Peak near Mistymoon Lake.

Ted in front of Mistymoon Lake. Looking south. On the way back from Cloud Peak

Ted and Jim on the way back to basecamp

August 18th The morning of climb day. Lake Marion at sunrise

Bob didn’t sleep too well last night. Getting ready for our group day hike to Gunboat Lake

This tree in our camp didn’t sleep too well either

Shinhan didn’t sleep too well last night. But he’s rarin’ to go.

Coming into our camp on Lake Marion. Almost home from dayhike

View of Lake Marion to the south. Almost back home from climb. You can see where we are camped.

The day hike. Shinhan on the trail to Gunboat Lake. Mistymoon Lk in background

Panorama of our campsite valley. Lake Helen visible to the left

The intrepid explorers. Our camp is to Bobís left down by the lake (Marion)

Ted and Jim descending to Lake Helen

Wall tree near Lake Helen on return to camp

Tensleep creek between Lakes Helen and Marion. Taken from eastern side.

Indian Paintbrush on the Mistymoon Trail. The last trail photo of a great trip!