High Uintas Wilderness, Utah - September 2002

Ted and I made a short trip the High Uintas Wilderness in Utah in 2002. From what I have read, the Uintas are one of two major ranges in the US that go east west instead of north south. The other major range is the Brooks Range in Alaska.

Ted and I met at a small motel in Lyman, WY (the Valley West Motel; 106 E Clark St). This motel was inexpensive, very pleasant, and the owner allowed me to park my car there while we drove up to the trail head in Ted's car. I highly recommend it. We also grabbed some dinner at a small restaurant just off I80 that night.

It was a fairly easy drive up to the Henry's Fork trail head and a short hike to base camp, but I felt like I was coming down with something. Ted got to use his brand new Megamid™ that he had purchased. I camped outside under the stars as I usually do. We saw a few moose who wandered through base camp and the surrounding area. The next day Ted went up to climb King's Peak, while I did a small hike to Sawmill Lake. I was feeling pretty weird, so I went back to base camp and slept the entire day until Ted got back. The next day Ted and I went back up to Sawmill Lake where we saw the old rusty machinery, and up to Bear Lake where we had lunch. We headed back to base camp where we had a nice dinner, relaxed, and crashed.

That night, it started drizzling. Then it started raining. As I was sleeping outside, I started to wonder if it was going to stop. As you might expect, it didn't stop and got worse, so I picked up my stuff and joined Ted in the Megamid™. The next day it was still raining, and rained all the while as we we hiked out. The trail was slippery and wet, and of course, I slipped within 20 yards of the trail head. We also saw some very wet, sorry looking hikers heading in to Alligator Lake. But they appeared to be of somewhat sturdy stock whom we were sure would persevere to reach their goal.

We drove off and grabbed a quick lunch in either Robertson or Mountain View before getting my car. Then we hightailed it to Evanston where we stayed the night (Holiday Inn Express) and had mexican food(probably at Don Pedros). The next day Ted and I departed for our respective homes.

Bob at trail head (tj)

Moving up the trail (tj)

Elkhorn crossing and Henry's Fork near Base camp Moose (tj)

Below Dollar Lake (tj)

SE from Dollar Lake (tj)

Looking W in Dollar Lake drainage, Flat Top Mt in background (tj)

"Purty" rock in Henry's Fork Basin (tj)

High in Henry's Fork Basin With Kings Peak in distance (tj

Looking NW from Gunsight Pass (tj)

SE from Gunsight Pass looking into Painter Basin (tj)

Ramparts of Gunsight Peak (tj)

Looking towards Kings Peak on approach to summit (tj)

SE Kings Peak Summit

NW from north ridge of Kings Peak looking towards Henry's Fork Basin and Base camp Moose (tj)

SE from Kings Peak (tj)

Bear Lake

Another shot of Bear Lake

Ominous clouds, looking south from Elkhorn crossing showing clouds over Kings Peak (tj)

More ominous clouds, looking south from east of Elkhorn crossing (tj)

A cold Bob trying to keep warm at Base camp Moose (tj))