Mt Zirkel Wilderness, Colorado - July 23 to 26 1997

Ted, Brian, and Bob made another trip to the Mt Zirkel Wilderness in 1997. Brian and Bob flew into Denver International and took a limo (!) to a motel near Westminster, CO where Ted picked us up the next day. Bob had been feeling poorly the entire morning.

We hit the trail head (which was extremely close to where we started in 1995) and within a few miles Bob began to feel worse. Suddenly, it was a case of vomito negro. Brian and Ted set up a camp just off trail where we spent the night. Bob felt better the next day and we hiked up to our base camp.

There were tons of mosquitoes, it being July. This makes sense, since the last time we were in the Zirkels in July there was still tons of snow on the ground. One couldn't stop for a minute without a horde of mosquito's sucking precious bodily fluids out of your body,

And if having tons of mosquitoes was not bad enough, to make matters worse, our MSR water purifier clogged from silt in the stream we used as our water source. If only we had read the manual, as it was relatively easy to clean out in retrospect. Brian tried fishing again, once again no monkeys were seen. Our day hikes were nice and relaxing, being above the timberline and mosquito line.

We did a nice hike to the top of Flattop peak (ele. 12,118 ft) , and Brian and Ted continued on the Red Dirt Pass and climbed Mt Zirkel (ele. 12,180 ft).

Ted in mosquito gear (tj)

Brian moving down Bear Creek trail (tj)

Bob at Base camp Buzz (tj)

Panorama of base camp showing Ute Pass

On the day hike to the lakes

A view of Bear Lake (tj)

Another lake shot

Brian crossing stream carrying fishing pole, looking dejected with no fish, and looking forward to dried food for dinner (tj)

View from Ute Pass towards base camp

Panorama at Red Dirt Pass

Bob and Brian on Flattop Mt (tj)

A view of Flattop Mt from Mt Zirkel (tj)

Big Agnes Mt from Mt Zirkel (tj)

Brian and Bob on south slope of Flattop Mt (tj)

Another view from south slope of Flattop