Flat Tops Wilderness, Colorado, Vedauwoo, Medicine Bow Mountains (Snowy Range) - August 04 to 07 2006

need write-up plus topo

Ominous clouds

A wet night

Our view from Basecamp Flat Tops

The view from Vedauwoo

Brian ponders at Vedauwoo

They are called the Flat Tops

Ted is a climbing fiend

More rocks at Vedauwoo

Scenery at Vedauwoo

Art in the act of creation

Expose yourself to art

A nice dayhike, South Gap Lake

After a long day at Base camp

Another perspective on art... the next day

A 3D view

Small lake between Lewis and South Gap lake

Pretty flowers

Snow along the dayhike

Nice flowers

The same meadow as in the previous slide, different direction

Shelf Lakes

The next lake over....

And another lake...

Yet another lake...

Lake city... no more lakes, i promise you

I lied.. sucker.. ok last lake

Chuckles, this is North Gap Lake

The last lake.... or is it?