Collegiate Peak Wilderness, Colorado - August 12 to 15 1998

This year, all four of us (Jim, Ted, Brian, and Bob) were able to make the hike. We met at Ted's house in Laramie and then drove down to Leadville Colorado. Leadville is known for many things, among them being an area where gold and silver was mined, as well as being the highest incorporated city in the United States. Currently the Climax mine supplies molybdenum. We spent a night in Leadville and went shopping in many of the shops along main street. Of course, we also checked out the famous Ski Fence, a classic must see for Leadville visitors.

The next morning, we did a short drive to the Pine Creek trail head. We then did a quick hike along Pine Creek to our base camp near Little Johns cabin below Mt Oxford. For years we had been wishing for a camp wench to prepare meals and keep us company during those cold evening nights. And on this trip, our wishes were fulfilled!!! She was a lovely little thing, ready and waiting to please. In light of current events at the time, we christened her Monica. She was shared by all.

The 14ers in Missouri Basin were an extremely easy climb. Brian and Ted got all the way to the top, Jim and Bob partway. On the way down, Bob crashed into a tree and cracked his ribs, which took 8 vexing weeks to heal. The next days day hike was nice and relaxing, although we did have to spend some time in Little Johns cabin to escape one of the afternoon thunderstorms common in The Rockies during the summer months. We hiked out the next day, with lovely Monica in tow (she needed some assistance to get out, poor fragile thing). We got some nice comments about how she looked from people hiking up the trail. She did us proud. We spent another night in Leadville, and then separated at Denver International Airport.


Jim on trail by Pine Creek (tj)

Base camp Spartans (tj)

Jiffy Pop™ (tj)

Summit of Mt Oxford (tj)

Base camp from Mt Oxford (tj)

View toward Missouri Basin from about 8/10ths up Mt Oxford (tj)

Missouri Basin (Brian off in distance)(tj)

Another Missouri Basin photo (tj)

Bob resting in Missouri Basin (js)

Ted on Mt Belford (tj)

Brian just off Mt Belford Summit (tj)

Brian and Ted just off Mt Belford Summit (tj

Missouri Basin from Elkhead Pass (tj)

Bob hiking out with camp wench (tj)

Near the trail end (js)